Dave McClure on Middle East Startups (including WUZZUF) at TechCrunch DISRUPT 2015

Last week, Dave McClure – one of our most supportive investors – and founder of 500 Startups talked about the importance of their investments in international startups. Most other US VC investors shy away from investing out of the US market.

His talk at TechCrunch DISRUPT – which is one of the biggest tech/startups events in the US – is very interesting. He talks about the startups potential in Asia, South America, and of course the Middle East.

He also mentioned WUZZUF & Egypt startups amongst some of the best startups in the region – including Souq.com.

Hats off to Dave and other VCs who see the potential in the rest of the world, emerging markets, and the Middle East.

Take your startup to Silicon Valley! [500 Startups] Accelerator Info Session in Egypt

500 Startups Info Session in Cairo Egypt

As most of the startup community in Egypt already knows, we’ve been the first startup from Egypt to join 500 Startups – the Silicon Valley accelerator program and seed fund. WUZZUF was one of the startups in Batch 8 in San Francisco earlier this year. We were followed by ElWafeyat who joined their Batch 11 and are currently in Mountain View, CA.

Hopefully, there will be more startups from Egypt joining 500 Startups in 2015, and your startup can be one of them! Next week, 500 Startups are holding their first virtual Info Session for entrepreneurs and startups in Egypt. It will be hosted in WUZZUF office in Maadi, Cairo.

If you’re interested to take your startup globally or want to get support from top Silicon Valley tech investors, you need to register in the link below. We have limited seats available…

The application deadline for batch 12 is tomorrow but the info session will mainly be useful for those who can plan to apply for batch 13.

Registration to attend this info session is closed, but you can still fill this form to stay updated on similar upcoming events!

Also please SHARE within your startup networks to help more Egyptian startups get global and Silicon Valley investors and exposure!

Who should attend?

CEOs and founders of startups in Egypt who have strong traction or at least a working MVP and who are interested to go global or at least grow regional.

How 500 Startups can help your startup?

The 500 Startups accelerator is considered one of the top US startup accelerators together with Y Combinator and Techstars. But 500 are the most global – almost 50% of accepted startups are from out of US. Dave McClure the lead investor and managing partner travels around the globe each year looking for great startups to go global – last month he was at RiseUp Summit in Cairo – if you were crazy enough to miss him🙂

You can check his presentation at RiseUp here + you have to check his other amazing presentations on Slideshare.

500 Startups accelerator program helps with:

  • Funding (usually $100K initial funding with potential for follow-on funding)
  • Finding other investors from US/Silicon Valley – if you are targeting US/global markets. If you’re focusing on MENA/Gulf, they also make it much easier to talk with regional VCs and get much better valuations.
  • Improving your metrics, operations, and marketing!
  • Network/mentors. You are connected with hundreds of mentors in Silicon Valley and globally for advice and business connections. You can literally get to meet  C-level or founders of any startup in the Valley through very strong intros.
  • You’ll get to stay in the Valley for at least 4 months. You’ll get some Silicon Valley dust and get valuable advice from people who’ve done it before.
  • It’s an experience of a lifetime… for any tech startup founder. At least this is how it was for us – but it’s up to you to make the most out of it.

For more info you can check the 500 Startups website or just google them or Dave McClure.

Egypt’s BasharSoft joins Silicon Valley’s 500 Startups

We’ve officially joined 500 Startups seed fund and accelerator program in Silicon Valley! – Here’s our press release on the full story…



BasharSoft ( بشرسوفت ), creators of WUZZUF, have been chosen as the first Egyptian startup to join Silicon Valley’s 500 Startups seed fund and accelerator program. Of more than 1,400 startups worldwide that applied for the 8th batch of the program, the Egyptian online recruitment technology startup was selected to join the esteemed accelerator program amongst 28 other startups. The batch 8 startups were featured yesterday on TheNextWebVentureBeat,TechCrunch, and 500 Startups’ own blog.

Ameer Sherif, CEO of BasharSoft says that one of their objectives now is to leave a positive impression to help open the door for more Egyptian startups to join top global accelerators like 500 and get access to top VCs and investors in the valley.

 For the past 18 months, BasharSoft bootstrapped their way through the tough economic situation in Egypt without any external investments. A team of 6 back then persevered and managed to take the company from the verge of closing down into a viable and profitable company that is now leading the online recruitment market in Egypt. Slimming down operations and improving company processes enabled BasharSoft to be very efficient. Ameer believes that expanding to other markets would yield high margins now that efficiency and resilience are engraved into the company’s DNA. The early stage startup now employees 12 people and is growing faster than ever as WUZZUF is now the leading player in the online recruitment market in Egypt with the biggest market share.

With a remarkable 10X revenue growth in 2013 and helping more than 1,500 companies in Egypt directly hire 10,000 Egyptians during this past year, BasharSoft are now targeting aggressive growth plans in 2014. “The online recruitment market is very large and seeing continuous growth in emerging markets and the MENA region in specific” says Sherif. “We’re planning major expansions to serve these markets with our operations team in Egypt which is a strong advantage given the country’s strength regarding abundance and affordability of talent – both in technology and customer service”.

For other startups out there, 500 Startups are currently accepting applications for their Silicon Valley batch #9. Read these tips on getting in to 500 Startups.

BasharSoft attends IBM Mentor Day and Qualifies for Africa’s 2013 SmartCamp

Last month, BasharSoft was selected to participate in the first IBM Mentor Day event held in Cairo together with 2 other great Egyptian startups, Zoboon and Beliaa. BasharSoft CEO, Ameer Sherif pitched our different online recruitment solution technologies in addition to a demo of Wuzzuf.com – Egypt’s leading online recruitment platform – which surely makes the most out of our innovative job matching technologies.

WebThe IBM Mentor Days is part of IBM’s Global Entrepreneur Program aiming to encourage and support startups with strong technology solutions aiming to “Build a Smarter Planet” as per IBM’s vision. You can find announcement for the IBM Cairo Mentor Day here.

Three mentor/judge teams discussed different dimensions of Business, Technology, and Investment for each of the participating startups. Below is Ameer Sherif, BasharSoft CEO with the investment mentor team: Con O’Donnell (Founder of Sarmady, the creators of FilGoal and many other famous Egyptian portals) and also Tarek Assaad (Managing Partner at Ideavelopers – Egypt’s leading VC firm).

ibm-ameer-basharsoft-con-odonnell-tarek-assadAt the end of the day, the startup and mentor teams, met with Amr Talaat, IBM Egypt Country Manager who explained the support IBM Egypt are willing to provide to the participating startups as well as other Egyptian startups through the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program.

ibm-ameer-basharsoft-con-odonnell-tarek-assad2Just a couple of days ago, BasharSoft received an invitation to represent Egypt in the 2013 Africa IBM SmartCamp to be held in Johannesburg as one of 6 finalist startups in the continent. The winner from the Africa event will go on to participate in the Istanbul SmartCamp later this month. Good luck for Africa!

You can VOTE for BasharSoft HERE!

Additional press releases about the event in Egyptian media:

Alborsa News AlMasry Alyoum, Moheet , Masrawy , El Badil , Egypt ICT

ibm newspaper

BasharSoft Relocate to an Inspiring Nile View Premises

Just as they reach another successful milestone, BasharSoft join the bigger business scale category. It’s been two years of hard work at the Smart Village, the heart of technology in Egypt. After getting the best out of this stage, it was necessary to expand the team to be able to meet the business needs and increase their working capacity.

Muhammad Al-Garhy, CEO of BasharSoft, says it was necessary to find a bigger office at an inspiring location that would enhance creativity. Thus he picked the current new premises overlooking the most beautiful parts of the Nile. The relocation also aims at bringing the team together and to allow hiring new members.



BasharSoft to provide GIZ with an Employment Facilitation Application

BasharSoft signs a contract with GIZ amongst expectations to make a revolution in the employment conditions in Egypt. Project delivery planned by the end of February 2012.

GIZ Logo - Main Supporter of Egypt's National Employment Pact

Our Dream of Better Employment

As Egypt passes by this very critical time of its history, it is believed that work and productivity alone would be our key to development and success. As much as the Egyptian workforce has so much potential and has always been identified by high skills, today workers need lots of guidance and polishing to be able to work where they fit the most. Being comfortable and qualified for a job is an essential requirement for good productivity. So with the great frustration expressed by employers seeking blue collar workers there was a need for a decent facilitator initiative.

A Recruitment System Tailored for Blue Collar Jobs

BasharSoft has always aspired to make a revolutionary change in the employment conditions in Egypt, and today we’ve got really good news for those sharing our dream. We’ve come to make an agreement with the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) that shall place a firm foundation for candidate and job matching, especially for blue collar jobs. We’re providing an innovative platform for those hourly paid manual workers who can only invest in their skill. That’s not it; the system is going to be designed to allow intermediaries to use the system on the behalf of the workers for a more efficient and fair talent management and recruitment system.

Providing Decent High Quality Jobs

To address the problem of unemployment, the Egyptian German Business Community in Egypt in collaboration with the AHK and the German Federal Government have undertaken the initiative of establishing a National Employment Pact (NEP) – and Employment Centre that will help in addressing the problem of unemployment. The main objective of both initiatives is to curb unemployment problems and provide sustainable job opportunities for Egyptian youth, mainly those seeking blue collar jobs. The emphasis is on providing decent high quality jobs and therefore certain criteria will be taken into consideration when acquiring job opportunities. Such criteria includes: respectable salaries, safe working conditions, gender balanced opportunities, and contracts that ensure employees’ rights. Both aim at undertaking orientation courses for job applicants and promoting improved working conditions in an effort to bridge the gap between job seekers and employment opportunities in the job market.

The Agreement – A Sneak Peak

BasharSoft will develop an open source, web-based software solution as a crucial tool for management of data in the process of employment facilitation. This tool will be used by employment facilitators to facilitate matching and placement serving job seekers and employers, building on the BasharJobs web application.

The system will build a database for job seekers and companies including all the available job vacancies. Using a set of applications, the system will support smart match making between applicants and jobs and provide feedback and comments about job applicants. We’ve agreed on having a database of the Arab Standards Classification as well. In order to guarantee better evaluation and screening of applicants, there will be a reporting system with analytical utilities to be used by employers and all parts of the system will be fully manageable by employment facilitators. Bilingual interface will also be provided as per GIZ’s request.

The final version of the application is planned to be delivered by the end of February 2012, so stay tuned to as we provide you with the updates.

Good News about a Great Deal with the EJB Association

BasharSoft agrees to provide EJB with innovative recruitment platform to bridge the gap between unrecognized talents and talent seeking employers.

From the left Eng. Muhammad Garhy CEO of BasharSoft, and beside him Eng. Omar Hussein Sabbour Chairman of EJB

Since our launch in 2009, BasharSoft has created innovative technology solutions to help organizations, universities, and governments make the best of their human capital and enable them to more efficiently recruit and place their employees, trainees, students and job seekers.

Our aim has been allocating our top notch human resources and unrecognized talents in the most suitable jobs where they would succeed and be creative. We are constantly looking for new ways to super boost our recruitment systems.

KEY Project by the EJB Association

Based on the belief that the academic experiences of graduates are not sufficient in preparing them to meet the requirements of the dynamic job market, the EJB (Egyptian Junior Business Association) has been developing the multi-faceted KEY program.

It is fully committed to students in:

1-     Understanding the needs of the present-day job market and identifying the skills required from the graduates to meet those needs

2-     Creating an effective approach by establishing a permanent “blueprint” that will address the ever-growing gap between graduates’ skills and the skilled caliber demanded by the job market

It is also fully committed to employers in:

1-     Provide the right caliber for internship opportunities

2-     Potential match for the qualifications required in an employment vacancy

Announcing the Deal!

Extending from our mission we are so excited today to announce that we have reached another promising agreement, this time with the Egyptian Junior Business Association (EJB).

This is literally excellent news for young talents striving for a good job opportunity!

BasharSoft will be allocating part of its BasharJobs recruitment portal for KEY students. We’ll also be providing the program with full reports about the employment opportunities of KEY students to keep track of the program achievements. In adherence with our mission, we’ll be providing statistics and information to the KEY program that should support with their mission.

This deal creates a solid long-term foundation for both parties to meet their mutual objective, which is bridging the gap between talented, unrecognized job seekers and employers seeking exceptional recruits.

We at BasharSoft are extremely happy to make this announcement today. It’s a huge step forward and will definitely improve fresh graduate employment conditions big time!